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The Cody Center – Guardianship for Persons with Special Needs


Estate Administration

PROBATE When a person dies leaving a Will, the legal process that takes place is called probate. A Will only needs to be probated if the decedent died with assets valued at $30,000 or more. Before the Will has any legal effect, it must be admitted to probate by the Surrogate’s Court located in the […]


Estate Planning for Special Needs

PROVIDING FOR THE SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD   One of the most important tools in creating an estate plan for a person with special needs is the creation of a Special Needs Trust. It may be created as an Inter Vivos Trust (one created during lifetime), or as part of a Will (also known as a […]


Estate Planning After Divorce

When did you first think about your estate plan – was it when a parent or grandparent died, after the birth of a child or during a serious illness? You probably don’t want to deal with lawyers or more legal documents now that you are divorced. However, this is a critically urgent time in your […]